My Role:
I was brought into Appirio as the Lead UX Designer on the R&D team that was being put together to completely rethink how the whole company was working. I worked with the CTO, product managers and engineering team to create the product roadmap for 2015 and 2016.

Topcoder is a global community of developers and designers that compete for pieces of work that are then assembled to create the final product. On the client side there was a need for an application that would allow clients to post jobs to the community, manage projects, communicate and handle all administrative business tasks as well. This was my focus.


  • Design a system that would allow enterprise consultancy clients (Deloitte, Accenture, etc) to add projects to the Topcoder system and manage their project with minimal touch.
  • How can we alleviate the need for our clients to constantly have to add more staff to keep up with the demand for their digital products?
  • Can we create a project management tool that will allow these large clients to outsource app development in an efficient and effective way?

Along with refreshing the entire Topcoder platform we were adding new functionality that would allow enterprise clients to request work and manage projects within our system.

I worked with the CEO, CTO, and product managers to create goals and a roadmap for 2015 and 2016. I ran design sprints, created wireframes and prototypes. Then ran user tests on the prototypes. When we were satisfied, we would fully design the feature and add it to the application.


The personas were clearly defined as project managers from our consultancy clients. They would be the ones who

App Map:

User Journey:

User Testing:
Members of the UX design team and product managers attend Topcoder events around the country and use this opportunity to speak with

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