An encrypted file sharing app for the enterprise.


Project definition, Experience Design and style guide creation.

UX/UI Design

My Role

I worked with CTO, product managers, and engineers to determine priorities and to build a road map. We came up with the vital user stories to tackle. I designed the onboarding, file sharing, and admin management features as well as a style guide and UI kit.

UX/UI Design


Unfortunately this project did not allow for direct contact with customers or potential clients. In lieu of this I researched similar products and did detailed interviews with all the stakeholders to understand the goals of the product and the company as a whole.

This was an exercise in deciphering what they were saying they wanted versus what they actually needed or wanted. In the end I presented them with my ideas based on what I had learned form them and competitor research and we moved forward with a simplified version of what they were asking for.

The app – a file sharing service with deep encryption – was essentially an enterpeise version of an app similar to box or dropbox with strong admin section for managing permissions. There was no need for individual users to manage their file permissions. This greatly simplified the product.