UI / UX / Prototyping / User Testing

Context Optional

The first Social Media Marketing App.

I was tasked with a complete redesign of the Social Marketing Suite. This was one of the first social media marketing platforms. I worked with product managers to define the new application and its workflows as well as create a new look and feel and UI Kit. 

I spent time interviewing customers, internal users, sales teams and product managers to determine the areas that needed the most attention. After gathering info I created wireframes and basic designs for new features, UI flows and critical paths. I then user tested these with internal users and beta customers to refine features. 

After we refined the UX I began work on the UI and created a UI kit and style guide. At this point I was still doing some front end development and worked with developers to get the app built as designed.

Context Optional was acquired by Adobe.

Unfortunately there are no images of the app or process.