A platform to build and manage instant apps.


Defining a platform and the processes that support it from the ground up.

Lead UX Designer - Famous Platform

My Role

As Lead UX Designer for the Famous Platform, I was responsible for designing the processes, user experience and user interface starting in August 2016. I worked with the CEO, Head of Product, customer service reps , a team of engineers and potential clients to define direction across all product tools and related company processes.

Beauty & Performance

The Problem

In this fast paced marketing environment companies need quick and beautiful solutions to implement marketing objectives. There are currently two options for mobile marketing – slow loading, convoluted mobile sites or an app download. Both of which require months of design and production to implement. This doesn’t allow for speed and flexibility to respond to marketing needs. Clients need beauty, performance and to be able to deliver their message quickly. Our system allows for clients to create apps very efficiently with our templates. But how do we ensure beauty and performance?