A consumer platform for purchasing and sharing gift cards.


MyPoints is a shopping rewards program that allows customers to earn giftcards for purchases and other consumer behaviors. In support of this there are two mobile apps, Swappable and GetLucky.

My Role

I was responsible for the redesign of the back office side of the MyPoints platform. In addition I oversaw the implementation of a newly designed UI for the main MyPoints web application. In support of the platform we also designed a pair of mobile applications that allowed users to earn new gift cards in a gamified setting and send gift cards to friends with picture and video messages.

The Problem

The Mypoints platform is powered by an internal system that allows the team to place offers, craft their format and mange their performance for clients. This tool was originally designed by developers in the early 2000’s and has been incrementally added to over the years. The result is a very clumsy system of nested tabs and redundant functionality – only usable by the internal user who is very well versed in its clutter.

The Process

There was a real opportunity to improve the lives of users, shorten time to do tasks and reduce customer service requests by reducing input errors.

I started by learning about the system myself, finding redundancies and seeing where modern approaches could help reduce the number of tools needed to complete a specific task.

I interviewed users within the company who certainly had opinions on what they didn’t like about the app. I researched similar products and looked for ways to mimic effective practices.

Information gathered from this research informed a direction for the product. I presented this information to the Head of Product, The Marketing Team and the CTO to get buy in on direction and approval to move forward. They were very excited with the new direction and the possibility of an increase in productivity.

The Solution

The resulting app reduced the navigation system from a nested tab system of over 40 pages to twelve tabs that were intuitively grouped. A messaging system was added that allowed better communication around topics between sales, marketing and product teams.

We immediately saw times to publish new offers on the system drop from over twnety minutes to under 5 minutes.

Customer Service requests were reduced by 15% and everyone who interacted with the system was much happier.

There was a lot of low hanging fruit here, but an approach that focused on the user and their pain was a very effective way to address the issues at hand.

Supporting Apps

In addition to the main app which powered the Mypoints website, we added mobile apps that would allow customers to exchange coupons and points.

The app, Swappable, had several iterations and names. Shweet, Get Lucky and Swappable. The idea was that customers who participated in the Mypoints program could share coupons, gift cards and points based on a social platform. The app allowed users to send messages to friends with images and videos as well as sharing gift cards.