UI / UX / Prototyping / User Testing


Adobe Social, The market leader in social media marketing management.

As part of a team of UX Designers I worked on Adobe Social, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. We were tasked with creating the best in class experience for social media marketing software. I researched and designed new features, designed dashboards for large data sets, conducted user testing, built wireframes, created clickable prototypes, interfaced with key stakeholders and large corporate customers. 

My biggest contribution was the WYSIWYG Facebook application builder Рthe first of its kind. This allowed clients to create and manage Facebook applications in multiple languages and formats.

The Process

As Sr. UX Designer my role was to work with the larger team of developers, project managers, customer support, and QA teams. I developed UX flows and user tested them with clients and internal users. With these results we created stronger user stories and a better user experience.

Adobe Social has been fully integrated into the Adobe Marketing Cloud and has been well received by existing and new clients. Social allows users to easily demonstrate social media ROI, optimize marketing, and improve efficiency of social media management.