A tool for saving, sharing and organizing content from around the web.

When reading things online I often find that I want to share the article or content with a friend. I don’t want to share it on Facebook because it is usually work related content or something else I just want to show a particular person or a couple people I know would be interested. I find that most link sharing apps are pretty bland and I wanted something that had more visual appeal and the ability to have a conversation around the topic. So I created Slink.

The options for sharing links is limited to Facebook, email or some other link sharing tool that doesn’t meet my needs. Facebook is too public and get interference from people who are uninterested in the topics. Email is clunky and outdated way to share. Other link sharing tools are text based and don’t offer the ability to have a conversation around the shared content.

How do I share links and content with a friend or friends easily in an interesting way but also foster the ability to have a conversation about it.

How do I ensure this doesn’t become spammy and annoying?

How do I run the project and manage the process of creating a complete live web product?

Create a system that allows for easy sharing of links with specific people and allow for conversation to happen around the shared subject matter.
The tool should be simple, beautiful and fun.

Beginning to understand the user and what they want was crucial. I know that my wants and needs would not be sufficient to build the project. I looked at reviews for other link sharing apps, I did surveys on Facebook and I asked about a dozen people I know to gather feedback on what the app should be. It helped to inform what Slink would become. Is it a social media tool? Is it a business communications app? Is it mobile or desktop? The path became clear. Slink was not just a link sharing app. It is an internet research tool. Used privately, as a group or as a business tool. It was a browser plugin and eventually would be mobile.

@tagging friends
&tagging groups
#tagging topics

Browser plugin

Display of link

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