Product Management / UI / UX / Front End Dev


A tool for saving, sharing and organizing content from around the web.

I designed, tested and helped build this app from step 1. The process began with research, surveys and testing. I designed an early prototype and had beta users test it out. Then I emailed surveys to everyone who had used the app to get feedback and suggestions. I then used this new insight to refine the product, add browser plugins, and make a better experience for the user.

Along the way I worked side by side with the main developer to iron out any issues that arose during the build and to ensure the proper building of the features and design elements.

The Process:

Beginning to understand the user and what they want was crucial. It helped to inform what Slink would become. Is it a social media tool? Is it a business communications app? I interviewed potential users, I used it myself.

The path became clear. Slink was not just a link sharing app. It is an internet research tool. Used privately, as a group or as a business tool.

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